Welcome to the MEP – Macedonia!

What is MEP - Macedonia? Model European Parliament – Macedonia is a national high school, extracurricular program that is aimed at high school Students. Its primarily goal is, through hands-on models of learning, to enhance the understanding that high school students have of the processes of the legislative arm of the European Union (the European… Continue reading Welcome to the MEP – Macedonia!


[12MEP] Amendments!

Dear delegates, This year, we're extending the program on the national session, by adding, what is usually only done on international session, the amendments part of the simulation.  Therefore, since this has been done only once on a national session, below you will find a brief explanation on how this works. We strongly encourage you… Continue reading [12MEP] Amendments!

[12MEP] Preparation materials from your CPs

Good day dear delegates, In this post we would like to share with you some additional preparatory materials for your respected Committees created for you by your Committee Presidents. In these materials you can find: – Warm welcome from your Committee Presidents – Contact details from your CPs – Brief analysis of the topic in your Committee – Some useful… Continue reading [12MEP] Preparation materials from your CPs

[12MEP] Agenda for the simulation

Model European Parliament (Macedonia) – National Simulation Skopje, Macedonia (November, December 2018)     Friday  November 30th 2018  (NOVA International Schools)                                                                                                                              08:00 to 16:30   Arrivals to Skopje     16:30 to 17:00   Registration in NOVA     17:00 to 17:30     Introduction session   17:30 19:30   Team building exercises… Continue reading [12MEP] Agenda for the simulation

[12MEP] Dates, Motions and Committees

The 12th National MEP Simulation will be held from the 30th of November until the 2nd of December 2018. For this National simulation we have four new Committees and four very interesting motions for resolution writing. Here are the motions and committees for the 11th National MEP simulation: Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) The… Continue reading [12MEP] Dates, Motions and Committees

[11MEP] Meet the GA Presidents!

Njomza Selmani  Njomza is a 18 year old senior at NOVA International Schools, following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Her MEP journey began as a delegate in the 9th National MEP Session in the Committee of Transport and Tourism, followed by being a part of the Macedonian Delegation in the 46th International MEP Session… Continue reading [11MEP] Meet the GA Presidents!

[11MEP] Manual for the simulation

  Good day to everyone,  This manual will explain you in depth about the Model European Parliament Simulation – Macedonia, which will take place in NOVA International Schools.  We hope that the guidelines will help you, and your school delegation in the preparation process for the simulation.  If you have any additional questions, please don’t… Continue reading [11MEP] Manual for the simulation